ONBOARD SOS MEDITERRANEE Activities and observations of our rescue ship in the Central Mediterranean
March 25, 2022

The operation to recover the second deceased person is aborted due to worsening weather conditions and safety risks on the crew.


One deceased person is recovered onboard Ocean Viking.


Ocean Viking starts a recovery operation of two dead bodies found at the bottom of the rubber boat.

December 16, 2021

Ocean Viking informs JRCC Tripoli and ITMRCC by email, with ITMRCC and RCC Malta in copy, that she tried to call four more times JRCC Tripoli to have information on the distress case, to no avail.

April 22, 2021

Ocean Viking on scene, 3NM from M/V MY ROSE. Libyan Coast Guard patrol vessel Ubari not yet arrived. Ocean Viking spots several bodies in the water while standing by in the area.


Ocean Viking has visual on the shipwreck and several bodies in the water in position 33°45.0’N 013°38.0’E.


Ocean Viking alters course to the shipwreck. Ocean Viking position: 33 36.2 N 013 24.6 E. 13 NM to the position of the shipwreck.


Frontex aircraft Osprey3 informs M/V MY ROSE and the other vessels of the position of the shipwreck via VHF CH 16 (grey rubber boat in position 33 44.44N 013 37.57E).


M/V MY ROSE informs Frontex aircraft Osprey3 via VHF CH 16 that she has visual on 3 bodies in pos 33 34N 013 37E.

June 26, 2020

Ocean Viking overhears M/V Mare Jonio’s VHF call to LYCG asking to confirm rescue and dead bodies. LYCG answer they have rescued more than 70 people and that the situation is under control.


Ocean Viking is copied in an email from Alarm Phone to ITMRCC about report of 8 deceased people onboard the boat in distress

August 12, 2019
June 14, 2018