ONBOARD SOS MEDITERRANEE Activities and observations of our rescue ship in the Central Mediterranean

SITUATION RECAP of the last SAR Operations

Last update 17/06/2018 – 14:30 (All times in UTC+2)

– Aquarius rescued 230 people from 2 rubber boats in distress off coast Libya during the night between the 09th and the 10th of June.
– The second boat in distress was sinking during the rescue operation.
– 400 survivors have been transferred onboard Aquarius from a cargo ship and 3 Italian governmental ships.
– The Aquarius stand-by 48 hours between Malta and Italy.
– 524 survivors have been transfered onboard 2 gouvernemental ships, which braught them in convoy, together with Aquarius (with 106 survivors remaining onboard) to a place of safety in Valencia (Spain).
– After cross-checking testimonies from the survivors, the Aquarius reported 2 missing people on the group of survivors.
– All the operations were under the responsibility of the MRCC Rome, from the first distress alert until the disembarkation in Spain.


June 9, 2018
June 10, 2018

SAR Case 388: Completed transfer of 129 survivors from CP312


SAR Case 390: Start transfer of 64 survivors from Italian Coast Guard vessel CP319


SAR Case 390: Completed transfer of 64 survivors from CP319


SAR Case 286: Start transfer 88 survivors from Italian Coast Guard vessel CP267


Aquarius stops and stand-by as per Italian RCC instruction

June 11, 2018

Starts receiving resupply of food and water from Maltese military craft P02


Resupply completed

June 12, 2018

Italian supply vessel Nos Aries informs Aquarius for an ETA at 06:30 for resupply


Italian RCC informs Aquarius about the medical and accomodation facilities of the 2 Italian gouvernemental ships in charge of the transit to Valencia


End of resupply from Italian supply vessel Nos Aries


Start food preparation and distribution to the survivors


Italian RCC requests Aquarius to get ready for the transfer of survivors as soon as possible


End of transfer of 250 survivors from Aquarius to Italian military ship Orione

June 13, 2018
June 14, 2018
June 16, 2018

Spanish military ship Vigia P73 informs Aquarius that they will escort the convoy at the arrival in Valencia

June 17, 2018

Aquarius stand-by for instruction in front of Valencia port


Disembarkation of survivors complete

June 25, 2018