In an email, the LYJRCC requests Aquarius to provide the number of rescued people onboard and the number of women, men and children. It also instructs to wait for instructions from Libyan JRCC.

Legal references:

According to the “RESOLUTION MSC.167(78) (Adopted on 20 May 2004): Guideline on the treatment of persons rescued at sea”, article 6.10:

“The RCC should seek to obtain the following information from the master of the assisting ship:
1. information about the survivors, including name, age, gender, apparent health and medical condition and any special medical needs;
2. the master’s judgment about the continuing safety of the assisting ship;
3. actions completed or intended to be taken by the master;
4. assisting ship’s current endurance with the additional persons on board;
5. assisting ship’s next intended port of call; .6 the master’s preferred arrangements for disembarking the survivors;
7.  any help that the assisting ship may need during or after the recovery operation; and
8. any special factors (e.g., prevailing weather, time sensitive cargo).”