Aquarius sends en email to the LYJRCC, copying ITMRCC, MTJRCC and TNMRCC informing about wooden boat in distress and that Aquarius is currently proceeding to rescue all people.

It’s part of the duties of the Master to inform the RCC responsible for the SRR about the evolution of the situation : “keep the RCC informed about conditions, assistance needed, and actions taken or planned for the survivors (see paragraph 6.10 regarding other information the RCC may wish to obtain);” [Read more]

Email from Aquarius to LYJRCC:

“While patrolling M/V Aquarius had in visual contact a boat with people in danger in position 33º30,5 N 011º 49,5 E at 12:04Z. I am reporting to you that the situation is assessed as highly dangerous for the people on board the wooden boat.

I have every reason to believe that the Distress phase exists, because the target is an unseaworthy boat possibly taking on water, overcrowded, without any life-saving appliance such as lifejacket or liferaft. According to the sailing conditions and the weather conditions, I have every reason to believe that the people in distress are already weak, sick and potentially injured.

I am currently deploying the fast rescue crafts and proceeding to rescue all rescued people .

As per the UNCLOS, SOLAS and SAR Conventions, I therefore inform you that M/V Aquarius will provide immediate assistance to these people in distress and rescue them without delay. My ship has the capacity to recover all of the people, to provide medical care and to transfer them to a place of safety in a reasonable period of time.

I will keep you informed as soon as I have more information.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message.”