Email from Aquarius to French MRCC, Spanish MRCC and Greek JRCC, copying ITMRCC, MTRCC and EUNAVFOR Med

“Dear Sirs,

Please be informed that Aquarius conducted two SAR events coordinated by JRCC Libya and within the Libyan SRR. After completing the rescues JRCCLY informed Aquarius to contact other RCCs to facilitate the disembarkation of survivors in a place of safety. Aquarius currently has 141 survivors on board 75 percent of which are from Eritrea and Somalia. 67 of the survivors are unaccompanied minors. The situation on board is stable for the time being and our medical team(1 doctor 2 nurses and 2 midwifes) continue to treat the survivors. A solution needs to be found a soon as possible. Aquarius is currently at a standby position (35-58.7N 013-31.7E  ) in the overlapping SRRs of Italy and Malta who have both replied that they are denying assistance in finding a place of safety. Any assistance in coordinating efforts to find a place of safety is appreciated as the situation on board will not improve over the coming days and if anything will get worse for the survivors. Please find attached all rescue data and reports concerning these events.
Please acknowledge receipt of this email

Best Regards”