Email from Aquarius to Malta Transport Centre, copying MTRCC, ITMRCC, LYJRCC

“Good morning

According to the definition of the SAR convention, the status of the 141 people onboard is “survivors of search and rescue cases”. The survivors have been rescued under the coordination of JRCC (Libyan Joint Rescue Coordination Centre) from two boats in distress. These rescue operations have been conducted under the SAR regulations and the duty of the Master to render assistance to any people in distress at sea.

25 people were rescued from a boat in distress (SAR case 656) in position N33-29, E 012-03. 116 people were rescued from another boat in distress (SAR case 657) in position N33-30, E 011-51. These two events were granted SAR case numbers 656 and 657 by the Libyan JRCC.

I would like to confirm that the following are vulnerable population requiring international protection as per stated by international law and as adopted by the EU directive 2013/33/EU.105/141 of rescued people are ‘’people of concern’’ and 73/141 are unaccompanied minors.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email and confirm that the 141 rescued people will be considered as such.

Please find attached the disembarkation report, referring to the medical condition of the people on board.

Best Regards”