Aquarius reports to the Libyan JRCC about the situation onboard and asks for further guidance regarding the designation of a place of safety.

It’s part of the duties of the Master to request guidance to the RCC in charge of the SRR where the rescue operation occurs : “[the ship Master should] comply with any relevant requirements of the Government responsible for the SAR region where the survivors were recovered, or of another responding coastal State, and seek additional guidance from those authorities where difficulties arise in complying with such requirements.” [Read more]

The responsibility to provide a place of safety, or to ensure that a place of safety is provided, falls on the Government responsible for the SAR region in which the survivors were recovered.”  [Read more]

Email from Aquarius to Libyan JRCC, with ITMRCC, MTJRCC and TNMRCC in copy:

“Dear Sirs,

Please be informed that the situation on board regarding SAR cases 656, 657 is good for the time being. The survivors are receiving medical treatment and humanitarian care. My ship has 31 crew members onboard, including a doctor, two nurses and two midwives, and is equipped with medical equipment and emergency food and non-food items. We have the capacity to care for the survivors during transit to a place of safety.

As reported in my previous emails, the 141 survivors rescued today by the Aquarius have been rescued inside the Libyan Search and Rescue Region. I thank you kindly for your offer of assistance. According to the SOLAS Convention, regulation 33, the JRCC of Tripoli is responsible for this SAR event, and is
responsible for the disembarkation of these people in a place of safety. Therefore, I would kindly request your assistance in contacting other competent maritime authorities in order to facilitate the disembarkation of the survivors in a place of safety within a reasonable time.

I will regularly inform you about the condition of the survivors, and will contact you if we need any other kind of assistance. We will remain in the area (current position: patrol line North of Zuwarah to North of Abu Kammash), in international waters, waiting for further instructions from your side, and continue to be available for search and rescue if needed.”