Aquarius sends an email to the Libyan JRCC, copying ITMRCC, MTJRCC, TNMRCC, EUNAVFOR MED Sophia, informing that SAR operation is completed.

It’s part of the duties of the Master to inform the RCC responsible for the SRR about the evolution of the situation : “keep the RCC informed about conditions, assistance needed, and actions taken or planned for the survivors (see paragraph 6.10 regarding other information the RCC may wish to obtain);” [Read more]

Email from Aquarius to LYJRCC:

Regarding last email [10:44]. Please be informed that rescue operation has been completed. All rescued people are on board Aquarius. We tried to contact JRCC Libya via email, phone and VHF channel 16 before the rescue but no reply. Upon completion of rescue we called again JRCC Libya and were able to report that operation complete. We will send full report of condition of rescued people after the medical team has attended to them. For the time being the situation on board is stable and there are no medical emergencies.  We will remain in the area and continue to our patrol. We remain available for SAR if required.  SITREP and MIR to follow.”