Email from Aquarius to Italian MRCC and Maltese RCC, with Frontex in copy

“Dear Sirs,

Please be informed that ITCG has recovered all people from the white fibreglass boat. Aquarius will recover our RHIB and then proceed North to a standby position in international waters in between [Linosa] and Malta until we can find a place of safety to disembark all rescued people. Aquarius will NOT entre territorial waters of either state without authorisation. Aquarius will keep both RCCs in copy of emails during our communications with competent maritime authorities.

Please be aware again that Aquarius has 141 survivors on board after conducting 2 rescue operations under the coordination of JRCC Libya. We have now been instructed by JRCC Libya to contact other RCCs for a place of safety. The condition on board is stable for now and the medical team is taking care of all survivors. Any assistance that can be offered will be much appreciated.

Best Regards”