Email from Aquarius to ITMRCC and MTRCC, copying LYJRCC:

“Dear Sirs,

Please be informed that Aquarius is still stopped at position 35-58.3N 013-31.9E. As we are in an area of overlapping SRRs we will continue to update both ITMRCC and RCC Malta about the situation on board regarding the 141 survivors rescued under the coordination of JRCC Libya. The situation on board is stable for now but the survivors need to be disembarked in a place of safety as soon as possible. JRCC Libya instructed Aquarius to contact other MRCCs to facilitate this. The medical team on board continues to treat the survivors and to monitor the situation.  The conditions on board is not likely to get better in the coming days. Any assistance regarding this situation is much appreciated.

Please acknowledge this email.

Best Regards”