Aquarius hears several VHF conversations on distress channel 16 between Libyan Coast Guard and the second offshore supply vessel contacted.

Offshore supply vessel says it had “no contact at all” with the wooden boat that it spotted.

The Libyan Coast Guard asks whether the offshore supply vesselhas a number of the Libyan Coast Guard“, as it is trying to contact someone [probably on the platform]. The offshore supply vessel informs that “there should be a Libyan Coast Guard” officer on the oil platform [close to where the offshore supply vessel finds itself].

[A few minutes later]

The offshore supply vessel asks the Libyan Coast Guard if they “can possibly give me a telephone number so your colleague can call you on the phone?”. The Libyan Coast Guard replies: “my telephone not possible because we have just the SIM card from Libyana-Almadar this is impossible here contact”. The offshore supply vessel informs that “Ensco was calling you on channel 16 but not reaching you”.

[A few minutes later]

Libyan Coast Guard asks the offshore supply vessel whether it sees the wooden boat, offshore supply vessel replies it “is gone off my radar”. Libyan Coast Guard asks to repeat the position, offshore supply vessel repeats the position.

Aquarius is heading towards the position of the wooden boat.