Aquarius calls another of the LYJRCC numbers provided on GISIS, no reply.

Legal reference

A fully capable RCC must require the following capabilities: 

  • 24-hour availibility
  • Trained persons
  • Persons with a working knowledge of the English language
  • Charts which apply to the SRR (aeronautical, nautical, topographic and hydrographic)
  • Means of plotting
  • Ability to receive distress alerts, e.g from MCCs, CESs, etc.
  • Immediate communications with:
    • associated ATS units
    • associated RSCs
    • DF and position-fixing stations
    • associated CRSs
  • Rapid and reliable communications with:
    • parent agencies of SRUs
    • adjacent RCCs
    • designated meteorological offices
    • employed SRUs
    • alerting posts
  • Plans of operation
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