Aquarius sends an email to the LNCG and Maltese JRCC for clarification about the coordination of SAR case 661.

Email from Aquarius to LNCG and Maltese JRCC, copying Italian MRCC and EUNAVFOR Med

“Dear Sirs,

Please can you confirm who is the coordinating authority for SAR case 661? We are currently passing 34-20N. My
RHIB is in the water and investigating a target to our north following the instructions of JRCC Libya. As directed by
JRCC Libya we have contacted another MRCC to arrange a place of safety to disembark all 141 people currently on
board the Aquarius as we cannot disembark them in Libya.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

Best Regards”

Legal reference

“in a case where the RCC responsible for the area where the survivors are recovered cannot be contacted, [the Master should] attempt to contact another RCC, or if that is impractical, any other Government authority that may be able to assist, while recognizing that responsibility still rests with the RCC of the area in which the survivors are recovered;

[the Master should] keep the RCC informed about conditions, assistance needed, and actions taken or planned for the survivors (see paragraph 6.10 regarding other information the RCC may wish to obtain);” [Click here for the legal reference]