Email from Aquarius to Frontex operation Themis

“Dear Sir,
Please be advised that Aquarius is currently monitoring a white fibreglass vessel with 11 persons on board as per instructions by MRCC Malta. We have been told that Frontex will be taking over this event once they arrive in your area of operations. Aquarius currently has 141 survivors from 2 SAR events that were coordinated by JRCC Libya but have been asked to contact another coordinating authority . We would like to see with you if these persons could be transferred to one of your assets to be disembarked in a place of safety. The survivors are mostly from Eritrea and Somalia and 67 of them are unaccompanied minors. Please see attached a copy of the rescue data regarding all survivors below.
Our current position is 35-03.2N 012-24.1E COG 19 SOG 8kts. We be arriving in your AO in around 1 hour.
Please acknowledge
Best Regards”