Aquarius sends email to Italian MRCC, copying concerned parties, to inform of the medical conditions of pregnant women on board and request additional information.

Email excerpt:

From: Aquarius

To: Italian MRCC

“Please be informed that we have 6 pregnant women on board at this time. Only 2 need immediate medical attention and would benefit from prompt onshore attention.

The other 4 are stable and from a medical perspective we do not consider their pregnancy as a disease or condition that requires evacuation and therefore we have not requested this for these asymptomatic pregnant women.

3 of the pregnant women have their husbands onboard and one of the husbands is a medical case.

Before any disembarkation of any persons, the individual must fully consent and in order to do this we must explain to them what will happen after their arrival in Italy, both medically and in terms of the asylum process.

Please inform me of these details so we can make an informed consent process with each individual as we do for any medical evacuation.

  • To which hospital and location will the women be evacuated?
  • What is the medical capacity on board the evacuation vessel in regards to medical equipment and staff?
  • Will the husbands be able to evacuate with the women?
  • Will the evacuees be able to enter the normal asylum process as is their right?

As soon as we have this clear information from you we will be able to make an informed and shared decision with the patients as to whether they will be evacuated.”