Email from Aquarius to ITMRCC and TNRCC

“Dear Sir,
While patrolling M/V Aquarius investigated a boat with people in danger in position 37° 25’N at 010° 51’E. I am reporting to you
that the situation is assessed as highly dangerous for the people on board. It is a small rubber boat with no engine and
approximately 10 people onboard.
I have every reason to believe that the Distress phase exists, because the target is an unseaworthy boat, overcrowded, without
any life-saving appliance such as lifejacket or liferaft.
We are currently approaching the boat to assess the situation and stabilize if necessary.
I will keep you informed as soon as I have more information.
Please acknowledge receipt of this message and inform us who is the coordinating authority for this case.
Best Regards”