Aquarius calls ITMRCC to inform it is 1.8 NM from distress scene and ask for more information. ITMRCC replies that this SAR event is under the coordination of Libyan coast guard. Aquarius says it is impossible to contact JRCC Tripoli and on the INMARSAT message it says to contact JRCC via ITMRCC on this number. ITMRCC says that the Libyan coast guard intercepted the people from the rubber boat but that they have no other information, “but the LCG rescued all the people”.

Aquarius says its most updated information is about an Italian military aircraft dropping SAR kits and reporting bodies in the water. ITMRCC replies this case is under responsibility of the Libyan JRCC.

Aquarius repeats that the INMARSAT message indicates to contact the JRCC Libya via the ITMRCC. Aquarius repeats that contact with JRCC Tripoli is impossible and that it was confirmed with the ITMRCC duty officer earlier to proceed to the distress scene despite the distance Aquarius would need to cover. ITMRCC says that the LCG rescued the people, but that it is unclear how many people. ITMRCC is unable to confirm that there have been no deaths.