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“Dear Sirs,

Please be informed that the Aquarius 2 has received an alert for a rubber boat in distress within the Libyan SRR at pos. 33-35.4 N 012-27-0E with between  100-150 pax on board. This information was received by the Maritime Patrol Aircraft(MPA) “Seagull 95.” Aquarius has tried to contact JRCC Tripoli but has had no answer (this has been consistently the case for a week regarding other SAR events). It is also important to note that we have consistently attempted to contact ITMRCC who in response informs us that we must contact JRCC Tripoli. Consistently, we have been trying all of this with no success. The confusion around the coordination of the rescue operation only delays the intervention and puts the lives of those in danger at further unnecessary risk. Since there is an ongoing conflict in Tripoli right now, perhaps JRCC Tripoli are unable to reply.

At present, the Aquarius 2 is proceeding towards the position of the distress. Seagull 95 has been trying to contact *** ***** (callsign ********  MMSI **********); however, this appears not to have worked. It is important to mention that *** ***** was in contact with MPA Colibri yesterday and was informed of a boat in distress with 30pax near their position. They informed the Colibri that they could not help and then moved away from the boat in distress leaving the people in danger. Again for this reason, the Aquarius 2 is proceeding towards the distress position and will assist immediately if needed as per International Maritime Law. We request that a RCC in a position to reply please coordinate this event for the safety of those people on board the boat in distress. Please send a InMarsat C alert to all vessels in the area. Weather conditions in the area are getting steadily worse over the coming hours and next days.

For any other questions please refer to our electronic logbook, available at onboard-aquarius.org.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message.

Best regards,”