Aquarius informs European MRCCs that a rescue operation of a rubber boat in distress was conducted by a merchant vessel and informs of Aquarius’ medical capacities if necessary to intervene.

“Dears Sir,

Please be informed that *** **** at pos 33-39.5N 012-31.0E  SOG 7.5 COG 046 carried out rescue operation of a rubber boat in distress. Aquarius has contacted *** **** to offer assistance if needed for any medical emergencies(Aquarius has 2 emergency doctors, 2 nurses and 1 midwife). Aquarius is in a position to bring all rescued people onboard and to transit them to a place of safety. As Libya is not currently a place of safety, legally the rescued people should not be sent back to Libya.   Aquarius is standing by for any instructions from any competent RCC.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message.

Best Regards,”