Aquarius confirms good receipt of Libyan JRCC’s previous message and informs it will contact other competent authorities to request a place of safety. Aquarius reasserts that it attempted to establish contact with JRCC by several means before launching rescue operation.

“Dear Sirs,

Your last email is well noted and we will contact other competent authorities. As per our other emails we did try to inform JRCC Tripoli about the boat in distress, via phone, email and VHF (see the attached SITREP) but we were unable to establish contact. For the safety of everyone on the fibreglass boat we carried out a rescue immediately as per maritime law in order to prevent loss of life at sea. For the time being, we will remain in the area in international waters and continue to inform this RCC about any SAR activity, as the competent maritime authority for the region. We are awaiting a place of safety.  Any assistance that JRCC Tripoli can offer in facilitating quick disembarkation for the recued people in a place of safety is appreciated.”