“We are informing you that at 2236B MV Ocean Viking is arriving at the MISKAR GASFIELD platform. We have been in contact vhf 16/08 with ‘MV Maridive 601’, they are on scene they confirm the distress boat is there and that there is at least 1 person deceased.

The people on board are in danger and I have ascertained that the Distress phase exists. My ship has the capacity to recover all of the people, to provide medical care and to transfer them to a place of safety in a reasonable period of time. We are equipped with a Hospital and a Morgue.

MV Ocean Viking called via Sat Phone Malta RCC (0035621809279), informing about the above case. Duty Officer copy all the information, and requested to send this email.

The UNCLOS (Article 98) and SOLAS (Chapter V, Regulation 33-1) conventions as well as the IMO Resolution MSC.167 (78) bound me to proceed to the assistance of the people on board the boat in distress.”