Subject: Ocean Viking – POS Request 

Dear Sirs, 

As you are aware Ocean Viking conducted 4 rescue operations in the Libyan SRR

*   Rubber boat rescue, feb 4th (am): 121 pax 

*   Rubber boat rescue, feb 4th (pm): 116 pax 

*   Rubber boat rescue, feb 5th (am): 71 pax 

*   Rubber boat rescue, feb 5th (pm): 116 pax 

Currently, we have a total of 424 rescued people on board. 

The 424 rescued people on board the Ocean Viking include 5 pregnant women, 7 babies between 0 and 4 years old, 46 children between 5 and 15 years old and 30 single females travellers.  

The complete breakdown can be found in the Maritime Incident Reports that were copied to you in previous correspondence with Tripoli JRCC

We would kindly request your assistance in finding a Place of Safety and facilitate a prompt disembarkation of all 424 survivors

We understand that the 424 survivors on board MV Ocean Viking were rescued in a sea area that is outside of the SRRs of Italy and Malta, hence not under primary responsibility of IT MRCC and RCC Malta. However, please note that Ocean Viking has already exhausted the steps in relation to the competent authorities of the Libyan SRR, without any answer. 

While waiting for further instructions from you or those RCC you would consider able to assist, Ocean Viking is heading north. 

Ocean Viking is in position 33 47.2N  014 35.2E  COG 318  SOG 10.7Kts  at 1903Z.