Dear Sirs,

We are grateful to RCC Malta on the arrangement of a Place of Safety for the 35 survivors of the latest rescue operation conducted by MV Ocean Viking.
Equally important is the need to enable the 182 other survivors onboard the vessel, some of them already being on board for many days, to disembark as promptly as possible in a Place of Safety.
We acknowledge Malta’s position on the matter.
We would like JRCC Malta and MRCC Roma to kindly be informed that this vessel would accept assistance from all able to assist RCC in this process of designating a Place of Safety as early as possible.
We take note that JRCC Malta has addressed our request to those considered able to assist.

As the spirit of cooperation between States is enshrined in Chapter 3 of the SAR convention (3.1.1. and 3.1.6.), we would be grateful to both JRCC Malta and MRCC Roma to mobilize those other RCCs they consider able to assist.
While waiting for further instructions from you or those RCC you would consider able to assist, we do remain in position 35-57’N / 013-19’E.

MV Ocean Viking