It has been 3 days that the Ocean Viking originally requested a place of safety to the Libyan and European authorities.

In that period and since the first of three rescues on the 18th of February, JRCC-Tripoli has not responded any of the emails sent by the Ocean Viking. When answered, VHF and phone communications were useless because JRCC-Tripoli was not able to converse in any other language than Arabic.

A demand of POS was made to IT-MRCC and RCC-Malta by email late on the 19th of February. After a second email sent the following day, IT-MRCC did acknowledge the POS request but did not provide any instruction regarding a place of safety where the 274 survivors rescued by the Ocean Viking could be disembarked.

The situation on board, with limited space coupled with the weather conditions and cold, is negatively affecting the people’s social and physical well-being. The Ocean Viking is continuing to standing by.