Ocean Viking sends a Maritime Incident Report to LYJRCC via email, with ITMRCCMTJRCC in copy, requesting a Place of Safety for the 116 survivors on board.

SUBJECT: SAR 20.03.2021 – Maritime Incident Report – Request for a Place of

Follow-up from below email

Please find attached the Maritime Incident Report for the SAR operation
conducted by MV Ocean Viking on 20/03/2021.

The breakdown of rescued persons is as follows:
Total 106 persons
31 men
8 women
67 minors, of which 51 unaccompanied

Please note that currently there is a total of 116 rescued persons on board
MV Ocean Viking, including 10 persons rescued on the 18/03/2021 (see
attached MIR previously sent)

MV Ocean Viking is requesting a Place of Safety (as defined in the Annex to
the 1979 SAR Convention, paragraph 1.3.2 and in the IMO Resolution
MSC.167(78)) to promptly disembark all 116 rescued persons who are currently
on board.

MV Ocean Viking understands that within the framework of the relevant
Conventions and Regulations, the European Commission and United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees issued clear positions stating that currently
Libya does not meet the criteria for being designated as a place of safety
for the purpose of disembarkation following rescue at sea

Recalling the provisions of Chapter 3 of the SAR Convention, MV Ocean Viking
kindly invites JRCC Tripoli, as the responsible SAR Authority for the SRR
where the rescue operation took place, to co-operate with those other RCCs
considered able to assist, to make the necessary arrangements to identify
the most appropriate place for disembarking these 116 persons found in
distress at sea as soon as reasonably practicable.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message.

Best regards


Ocean Viking