Ocean Viking sends a request for a Place of Safety to ITMRCC and MTJRCC with LYJRCC in copy.

SUBJECT: MV Ocean Viking – SAR – Request for a Place of Safety

Dear Sirs,

As you have noted from the email correspondence between MV Ocean Viking and Tripoli JRCC, in which your RCCs were in copy, this vessel has been engaged in two SAR operations in the Libyan SRR.

18/03/2021 – 10 rescued persons

20/03/2021 – 106 rescued persons

Full information on the SAR operations carried out can be found in the two Maritime Incident Reports here attached.

Kindly note that we made a correction to the MIR regarding the first SAR operation conducted on March 18th: the on-scene Libyan patrol vessel previously reported as Libyan Coastguard (LYCG) revealed to be part of the General Administration of Costal Security (GACS). One additional picture is also included in the photos of the event.

Currently, there is a total of 116 rescued persons on board MV Ocean Viking, including women, children and unaccompanied minors.

MV Ocean Viking has requested to the competent authorities of the Libyan SRR a Place of Safety which fulfils all requirements under applicable international law, where the survivors can be safely and promptly disembarked. However, the Libyan RCC has failed in providing the indication of such a Place of Safety and has been unresponsive.

MV Ocean Viking would now kindly request to IT MRCC and MT RCC, as most able to assist RCCs, the assistance in finding a Place of Safety and facilitate a prompt disembarkation of all survivors on board.

Please note present weather condition:

NW bf 6 / sea state 5

Warnings for thunderstorms in progress in the Libyan sea and gale in progress in the Sicilian strait Northerly 8;
Forecast warning for Sicilian Strait: Northerly 8, thunderstorms, very rough sea quickly increasing.

Please note below report from Medical Doctor on board: (…)

Ocean Viking is waiting for further instructions.

Best Regards


Ocean Viking