” Dear Sir,

Your correspondence below is well acknowledged.

Thank you for considering the possibility of Ocean Viking entering Italian territorial waters without authorization but be informed that this vessel has not altered her course towards Italy, that no request has been made to enter Italian territorial waters and that it is not my intention to do so without cause, instruction or proper authorization.

As you rightly mention, this vessel conducted a rescue of 85 people in distress on the morning of the 9th August 2019.  Further rescues have since been completed, on 10th and 11th August, with 85 and 81 people in distress rescued respectively. The total number of rescued people now onboard the Ocean Viking is 251. All rescues took place in international waters, in the SAR zone of Libya, in the strictest adherence to the UNCLOS, SOLAS and SAR conventions.

This vessel has already requested the relevant maritime authorities to designate a Place of Safety, that fulfils the criteria set by Maritime and International Law.

I thanks you in advance for your kind collaboration and assistance in this process.

Yours sincerely”