Ocean Viking requests by email a place of safety to ITMRCC and RCC Malta

“Dear Sirs,
We understand that discussions are ongoing between authorities in order to find a solution to disembark all survivors onboard Ocean Viking.  All the effort from the involved parties is greatly appreciated. 
The overall situation onboard is becoming more complicated each day for the 356 survivors onboard including 103 minors, the youngest being 1 year old and a majority of whom are unaccompanied.  
Some people have now been onboard for 14 days after our first rescue in addition to the 3 days they spent at sea adrift on a rubber boat.  We completed a total of 4 rescues, the 4
th of which was critical as one of the chambers completely deflated during the rescue and multiple people had to be recovered from the water.  
Our medical team is continuously treating patients who have suffered physical abuse in Libya and we have a few patients who require either constant pain management or monitoring.  While these cases are not currently considered emergencies, they do require further medical care that cannot be provided onboard.
Multiple people have been flagged as being extra vulnerable, having been victims of various forms of abuse during their journey to Libya and while being held in Libya.  The vast majority of people are suffering from long term psychological trauma which needs immediate attention for long term recovery which can only be started upon being disembarked in a place of safety.  It can clearly be felt that the continued wait onboard is only prolonging their suffering and delaying their access to the proper care they need.  
The humanitarian conditions on board are worsening and our capacity to keep the situation under control can not be guaranteed anymore.  In addition to the deteriorating conditions, we only have 5 days of rations left on board for survivors.
We need to disembark the 356 survivors as soon as possible in a place of safety that meets all the legal requirements.
We kindly request any assistance in finding a swift solution for this ongoing situation.
Please acknowledge receipt of this message. ”