“Our aircraft Seabird 2 spotted a distress case, which we assigned the number DC 951. We assume this case to match the case AP932, reported by Watch the Med – Alarmphone.
Please find below all information about DC 951:

  • in position 33d36mN 013d52mE at 1242 UTC
  • blue rubber boat
  • apx. 100 people on board
  • adrift
  • the boat is highly overcrowded and people are sitting on the tubes
  • tubes are slightly deflated
  • no life vests
  • the boat is in no condition to reach a port independently
    Please note that Seabird2 overheard that aircraft EAGLE2 issued a MayDay Relay at 1114 UTC for a blue RB in distress with 100 POB, in position 3333/01353. We assume that this is the same case DC951.”