Ocean Viking sends an email to LYJRCC and request further instructions. LYJRCC is informed about intention to head north

” … The current situation on board is stable, but we would like to inform you that the weather is going to deteriorate this evening and having not received a reply to our last email sent on 29th November at 2051Z, we would appreciate if LYJRCC could please provide this vessel with a feedback.

As stated in our previous email the breakdown of the 60 survivors is as follows:

40 adult men, 2 adult female, 18 minors.

While waiting for further instructions from you, we are heading north in order to comply with IMO Resolution MSC.167 (78) and to find a quick solution to disembark all survivors on board Ocean Viking in a Place of Safety.

As we are proceeding north we have offered to assist in the search for a rubber boat in the Maltese SRR.