“Dears Sirs, Please find attached Maritime Incident Report for the SAR operation conducted by MV Ocean Viking on the 25th of January of 2020. […] Currently there are 151 (92 from 24th Jan + 59 from 25th of Jan) rescued people on board the MV Ocean Viking. On the 24th of January, JRCC Tripoli communicated Tripoli (Libya) as a Place of Safety for the disembarkation of 92 survivors. MV Ocean Viking responded the same day that Libyan ports cannot be considered as a Place of Safety and requested an alternative POS to disembark survivors on board. No response has been received from JRCC Tripoli.

We respectfully request that […] please  provide the indication of a Place of Safety […] which fulfils all requirements under all applicable international laws, where the 151 survivors can be safely and promptly disembarked.”