Ocean Viking enters the Libyan Search and Rescue Region (SRR), in international waters.

On 27th June 2018, coordinates of the Libyan JRCC were uploaded on the GISIS, thereby legitimizing the coordination of rescues by this JRCC in the Libyan SRR.

From now on, according to the global SAR plan and the SAR Convention, any SAR case is under the responsibility of the Libyan Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC).

The responsibilities of a Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) are:

According to Maritime conventions and resolutions,

  • Upon the declaration of a distress phase, a RCC shall initiate “search and rescue operations when the position of the search object is unknown” (SAR Convention, art. 4.5.4).
  • As soon as the RCC responsible for a SRR in which assistance is needed is informed about a distress situation, it “should immediately accept responsibility for coordinating the rescue efforts” (MSC.167(78), art 6.7).
  • RCCs “should be prepared to act quickly on their own, or have processes in place, as necessary, to involve other authorities, so that timely decisions can be reached with regard to handling of survivors” (MSC.167(78), art 6.4).
  • A RCC “should make every effort to minimize the time survivors remain on board the assisting ship” (MSC.167(78), art 6.8).
  • A RCC “shall have available up-to-date information especially concerning search and rescue facilities and available communications relevant to search and rescue operations in its area” (SAR Convention, art 4.2.1).