From: Norwegian JRCC  

CC: Ocean Viking

“1. JRCC has spoken to OCEAN VIKING concerning their situation. JRCC ask Master directly following :
a. Has OV at any time issued MAYDAY or activated the SSAS – Masters answer – Negative/No
b. Has OV at any time ask formally MRCC for MEDEVAC – Masters answer – Positive/Yes
c. Has OV asked for full MEDEVAC of all passenger or only those limited to psychological problem – Masters answer – Only limited number.
2. JRCC urge kindly MRCC to assist in MEDEVAC of limited number according to masters need.
3. JRCC considered only the aspect related to MEDEVAC iaw SOLAS/SAR Convention and understand the needs from OV to be of pure medical issue.
4. As a result of no MEDEVAC this JRCC understands the possible consequence could be a safety aspect – which could escalate to be an issue related to Law of Seas. This JRCC do not relates to this aspect as it falls outside the scope of JRCC responsibility.
5. OV position is in MRCC area of responsibility – As MRCC is already an appropriate RCC, this JRCC cannot assume any responsibility related to OV iaw IAMSAR Vol II 3.6.2 and 3.6.3. This JRCC can only kindly advice/ask MRCC to support request for MEDEVAC from OV according to Master needs.
Kind Regards”