From: Ocean Viking


CC: Flag State

“We bring to your attention an urgent situation on Ocean Viking that requires an immediate large medical evacuation.

We have a group of 44 males who are in acute mental distress and depression. Some of them express suicidal ideas and some have acted upon this. They endanger themselves and the rest of the crew and survivors and need to be evacuated as soon as possible.

Several already attempt suicide since 2 days and are now under medical watch. This morning there was also one medical emergency when one individual became unconscious. He is now being monitored closely in the ship hospital.

The medical team (1 MD, 2 nurses and 1 midwife) does not have the capacity to ensure the individual safety of the 44 survivors.

The weather conditions are worsening and if other people jump overboard we will not be able to safely launch our rescue boat without risking our crew and the lives of rescued people.

Please note the attached general medical report.

For the evacuation, the medical team recommends that there is manpower available to handle potentially agitated people.

Due to the necessity of urgent medical evacuation the Ocean Viking is heading North East toward Pozzallo and we will be standing by for instructions.”