From: Ocean Viking
To: ITMRCC and Pozzallo Harbour Master
Cc: Norwegian Flag State

“After our conversation I am confirming that we will be in the position requested, to the East of the Vega platform and remaining in Intl waters 11h50 B.
I have spoken to the medical team onboard who have been screening the survivors twice daily as well our crew for symptoms of COVID 19, and I can state that there have been NO symptoms onboard. There was one suspected case that was medevaced to Lampedusa and he has since tested negative for COVID 19.
We will have our rhib in the water to do transfer of your personnel, 2 pax, to Ocean Viking at 1nm from Ocean Viking.
We are standing by on VHF 16 for contact with CP 325.
We request that CP 325 remains 1nm from Ocean Viking unless there is an emergency. It would be best that they remain astern of Ocean Viking to be able to keep visual in case anyone jumps. Our RHIB, callsign Easy 1 will remain on standby under the instructions of Ocean Viking in case of emergencies.”