From: Ocean Viking


CC: Flag State


“Following our phone conversation, I confirm that Ocean Viking is in no other position than to declare a state of emergency onboard.
Ocean Viking has had 180 survivors onboard for several days, including 46 highly psychological unstable individuals who are a risk at any moment to harm themselves, the crew or the vessel. The urgent request to evacuate those people has not led to a positive response yet and we are in no position to control the situation any further.

We are in a state of necessity to reach a port as early as possible. I request all your assistance on this matter.

As per the last call my answers are as follows:

Serious psychological issues within some survivors
Continued actions to self harm themselves and aggressions between themselves and more and more threats and aggression towards the crew
6 suicide attempts
3 Stopped from jumping by crew
1 attempt to hang themselves
Situation has been an emergency since we have had no response from any RCC
Situation has been ongoing for hours
We have been alerting about the situation since yesterday as it continued to worsen and before it became an emergency
We proceeded North after there was no response from Malta for several days. They are no longer answering the telephone or they hang up on us and have not responded to any of our emails. We there for contact the next RCC able to assist.”