We acknowledge that for the time being Maltese authorities are not granting to Ocean Viking the authorization to enter Maltese territorial waters in order to find shelter and safely conduct the transfer operation of the 50 survivors rescued under Malta RCC coordination.
[…] on the 20th of December, Ocean Viking requested a Place Of Safety to JRCC Tripoli for the disembarkation of the survivors rescued inside the Libyan SRR. No response has been received so far.
Ocean Viking is now formally requesting Maltese and Italian maritime authorities, which we consider as the RCCs better able to assist due to the geographical area of the SAR operation conducted and the current position of Ocean Viking, to cooperate as per SAR Convention and to facilitate finding a Place of Safety in order to disembark safely and as soon as possible all the 162 survivors on board the vessel.
While waiting for further instructions from you or those RCC’s who you would consider able to assist in this process, please be advised that due to the current weather condition in the area and the weather forecast for the next hours and days, Ocean Viking is currently proceeding to seek shelter off the Eastern coast of Sicily.”