III.10/ Disembarkation

1.   The operational plan shall contain, in accordance with international law and respect for fundamental rights, at least the following modalities for the disembarkation of the persons intercepted or rescued in a sea operation:


in the case of interception in the territorial sea or the contiguous zone as laid down in Article 6(1), (2) or (6) or in Article 8(1) or (2), disembarkation shall take place in the coastal Member State, without prejudice to point (b) of Article 6(2);


in the case of interception on the high seas as laid down in Article 7, disembarkation may take place in the third country from which the vessel is assumed to have departed. If that is not possible, disembarkation shall take place in the host Member State;


in the case of search and rescue situations as laid down in Article 9 and without prejudice to the responsibility of the Rescue Coordination Centre, the host Member State and the participating Member States shall cooperate with the responsible Rescue Coordination Centre to identify a place of safety and, when the responsible Rescue Coordination Centre designates such a place of safety, they shall ensure that disembarkation of the rescued persons is carried out rapidly and effectively.

If it is not possible to arrange for the participating unit to be released of its obligation referred to in Article 9(1) as soon as reasonably practicable, taking into account the safety of the rescued persons and that of the participating unit itself, it shall be authorised to disembark the rescued persons in the host Member State.

Those modalities for disembarkation shall not have the effect of imposing obligations on Member States not participating in the sea operation unless they expressly provide authorisation for measures to be taken in their territorial sea or contiguous zone in accordance with Article 6(6) or Article 8(2).

The operational plan may contain details adapted to the circumstances of the sea operation concerned.

2.   The participating units shall inform the International Coordination Centre of the presence of any persons within the meaning of Article 4, and the International Coordination Centre shall transmit that information to the competent national authorities of the country where disembarkation takes place.

The operational plan shall contain the contact details of those competent national authorities, which shall take appropriate follow-up measures.

Source : REGULATION (EU) No 656/2014