SAR Mission Coordinator

The official temporarilyassigned to coordinate response to an actual or apparent distress situation.

During SAR incident RCC chief or his designee takes the role of SMC. Thisfunction is temporary and lasts only for the duration of the incident. Becauseof the close proximity in the nature of work, RCC and SMC are usedinterchangeably. SMC makes search action plan, rescue action plan,specifies CSP, coordinates the operation with adjacent RCCs whenappropriate, and prepares final reports among other SAR related duties.
Each SAR operation is carried out under the guidance of an SMC. Thisfunction exists only for the duration of a specific SAR incident and isnormally performed by the RCC chief or a designee. The SMC may haveassisting staff.
SMC’s duties include:
1. Obtain and evaluate all data on emergency.
2. Ascertain type of emergency equipment carried by distressed craft.
3. Remain informed of prevailing environmental conditions.
4. Plot the areas to search and decide on methods and facilities to beused.
6. Coordinate the operation with adjacent RCCs when appropriate.
7. Arrange for delivery of supplies for survivors.
8. Maintain accurate and chronological record.
9. Issue progress reports.
10. Recommend to RCC chief the abandoning/suspending of the search.
11. Release SAR facilities when assistance no longer required.
12. Prepare a final report