“Ocean Viking currently has 180 survivors on board, most of whom have been on board since the 25/06, for five days. Many survivors are suffering from sunburn, exhaustion and generalised body pain and the effects of exposure. Many others have been victims/witnesses of violence in Libya. There is 1 pregnant woman on board and 25 minors. 68% of them are unaccompanied.

The situation on board is tense with survivors worried about being able to contact their families to be able to inform them that they are alive.

While the situation is being managed on board, some people had started to threaten to jump into the water as they cannot take being stuck on the vessel and are suffering psychologically as well as physically.

We would kindly request a Place of Safety be granted to the survivors as soon as possible so that these issues can be dealt with on land and not on the vessel that saved them at sea as per international norms.

The medical team (1 MD, 2 nurses, 1 midwife) continue to provide medical care 24hrs a day including 2 daily screenings for temperature and SP02 monitoring, all screenings results have been normal (no temperature, PulseOx normal).

The rest of the team is doing constant watches on deck for safety and security as well as food distributions. All of this is complicated by the strict COVID-19 protocols that are in place on board.

We hope that a quick solution can be found and any assistance in this matter is much appreciated.”